November 27, 2019

Parthian brooches, 200 BCE

Some time ago I found these pictures in the web, with the info "the Parthian gold pendants each have original loop fastenings, allowing them to be strung on a leather thong or gold chain". Fantastic jewelry that in some way reminds me of Palmyra.

There is the whole collection of that kind of Parthian jewelry "Ex. Anavian Family Collection acquired over 30 years ago by David and Henry Anavian, in Iran, prior to the Shahs departure". All was sold at the auction.
Fortunately, there are photos and descriptions from the auction. The auction house describes them as brooches, but because they also posted pictures of the bottom of the items, we can see that they are all pendants.
With carnelian:

 Other part of brooches is with the sardonyx, grinded in the form of an eye. That kind of stones were used as amulets against the "Evil Eye" in ancient Mesopotamia. All these jewelry is Parthian, dated on 200 BCE.